8 Reasons to choose MangoHomz during your Medical Travel

Near to Your hospital

Mangohomz are carefully selected and is near hospital.

Patient Friendly Rooms

MangoHomz Rooms are upgraded with Thermo Flask, Anti-Skidding toilet, Grab Bar to prevent fall, alarm etc

Round the clock Support

MangoHomz is dedicated to your requirement & are available 24/7

Standard Home Medical Amenities

All MangoHomz facilities are equipped with home medical equipment (Wheel Chair, Stretcher, Vapour Inhaler & standard medical devices BP Monitor, Glucometer, Oxygen Saturation Monitor) etc

Dedicated Attendant

Dedicated Attendant in all MangoHomz

Hygienic Catering facility

Mangohomz provides hygienic and fresh food as per order

Affordable Stay

We understand your priority during medical tour so MangoHomz stays are affordable

Mangohomz Support

a. Each property and photos are verified by MangoHomz
b. Independent User reviews
c. Secure payment gateway
d. Easy refund during cancellation
e. Loyalty Coupons


Mangohomz is designed to assist the medical traveler and provide maximum support to them in their difficult times.

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